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As such, the Tu-160 is much larger and much faster than the B-1B--with a maximum takeoff weight of over 606,000lbs and top speed greater than Mach 2.05. By contrast, the B-1B weighs in at.. b1 bomber vs tu 160 Bomber - The b-1b is no longer able to fight inside heavily defended airspace, but the aircraft will still have a role in the high-end fi.. The Tu-160--while it looks similar to the B-1B--is a very different aircraft. The Soviet Union designed the Blackjack primarily as a means to deliver a nucle.. Name: Tupolev Tu-160 Rockwell B-1 Lancer; Type: Supersonic strategic bomber: Supersonic strategic bomber: Origin: Russia: USA: Produced: 1984-1992, 2000, 200

As such, the Tu-160 is much larger and much faster than the B-1B-with a maximum takeoff weight of over 606,000lbs and top speed greater than Mach 2.05. By contrast, the B-1B weighs in at 477,000lbs Nonostante il Tu-160 non sia un aereo stealth la sua struttura consente una bassa tracciabilità radar e nello spettro dell' infrarosso. Secondo fonti russe, nonostante le maggiori dimensioni, la sezione radar è inferiore a quella del similare B1-B statunitense, ma non è disponibile una verifica indipendente del dato The website is operated and managed by EveryMatrix Ltd., a company bearing registration number C44411, and having its registered address Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1 at Level 5, Suite 1A, Portomaso Business Tower, Vjal Portomaso, Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1 St. Julians, STJ 4012, Malta and by EveryMatrix N.V., a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Curacao, bearing company.

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Of course you also have to take into consideration that the TU-160 was designed for a totally different task than the B-1B even though they look alike. The TU-160 is the larger of the two. But the B-1B is the more manuverable if you ever get to watch it fly it handles like a really large fighter jet The Tu-160--while it looks similar to the B-1B--is a very different aircraft. The Soviet Union designed the Blackjack primarily as a means to deliver a nuclear strike during World War Three. However, the Soviets designed the jet mainly as a means to deliver nuclear-tipped cruise missiles--though the aircraft retained the ability to do low-level penetration

The Soviet Union designed the Blackjack primarily as a means to deliver a nuclear strike during World War Three. As such, the Tu-160 is much larger and much faster than the B-1B--with a maximum takeoff weight of over 606,000lbs and top speed greater than Mach 2.05. The Rockwell International B-1B Lancer strategic bomber and the Russian Tu-160 Blackjack look visually similar and even share some. International B, One B lancer strategic bomber and the Russian TU 160 Blackjack look visually similar and even share some overlap in their mission sets. However, the two aircrafts are quite different. The Rockwell B-one lancer is a supersonic variable sweep wing heavy bomber used by the United States Air Force ace RE:B1-B vs Tu-160 2/19/2004 4:47:56 AM. does anyone know the b1b max speed, cause the tu-160 max speed is 2,200km p/h which is faster than alot of foghters, but i guess that speed isn't going to help much when it comes to escaping from new aged missiles. the tu-160 is. World Fastest Strategic Aircraft: Tupolev Tu-160 Tupolev Tu-160 is a supersonic, variable-sweep wing heavy strategic bomber designed by the Tupolev Design Bu..

Russia vs US bomber competition in 2020s will still mainly

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The Tu-160 is powered by four Kuznetsov NK-32 afterburning turbofan engines, the most powerful ever fitted to a combat aircraft. Unlike the American B-1B Lancer , which reduced the original Mach 2+ requirement for the B-1A to achieve a smaller radar cross-section , the Tu-160 retains variable intake ramps , and is capable of reaching Mach 2.05 speed at altitude. [30 Compare attack & bomber aircraft. Xian H-6 AMX International AMX MiG-23 Sukhoi Su-17-20-22 Sukhoi Su-24 Sukhoi Su-25 Sukhoi Su-34 Tupolev Tu-160 Tupolev Tu-22M Tupolev Tu-95 A-10 Thunderbolt II Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Rockwell B-1 Lancer AV-8B Harrier II. Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Roman RE:B1-B vs Tu-160 2/14/2004 7:24:31 PM Yes, I believe that the Ty-160 had major engine reliability problems, but these engines have recently been replaced with supposedly more reliable ones, so I do not know whether the problems are continuing

How does the Russian Tupolev Tu 160 compare to the U

Tupolev Tu-160 vs Rockwell B-1 Lancer Comparison attack

  1. Normally the max warload would be in the 35000lb class like the Tu-160. But the TU-160 has a smaller RCS than the B-1b It has more speed more range (but this is not so important cause they hav IFR capability) the B-1b has better avionics and lets be honoust much better pilots to
  2. tu-160 vs B1 lancer.. It feels stranger than it probably should that a modern fighter can carry more ordinance than the B-1
  3. The resemblance betwenn the Tu-160 and the Tu-22/26 is superficial at best. The Tu-160 is essentialy a scaled up B1. I don't necessary believe the Russian copies all of its airplane designs. The MiG-21 and MiG-23 are certainly fine examples of idigenous design. But Russia has repeatedly shown it is willing to borrow design concepts from others
  4. The Tu-160 carries cruise and land attack missiles, fitted with conventional or nuclear warheads. This bomber can also carry free-fall bombs with a maximum weight of up to 40 t in place of the missiles. It has a range of 14 500 km. It is believed that production totaled no more than 39 aircraft
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  6. Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1 on eligible games. Spins available day after bonus is lost/redeemed, 10 per day for 10 days, no wagering. Full T&Cs apply.-Gamble Responsibly BeGambleAware.org * T&C. Read our full review. Visit casino August 17, 2019. Prize pool: 100% up to £100 + 50 free spins
  7. B-1B Bested By B-52. by. James Dunnigan. April 28, 2008. Discussion Board on this DLS topic. The U.S. Air Force is having a hard time keeping its 67 B-1B bombers ready for action. The availability rate (aircraft you can send into action) is about 51 percent. Five years ago it was 56 percent. The B-1Bs are used to drop smart bombs in Iraq and.

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Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1, branch delay slot mips example, blue chip casino slot tournament, anna slotte larsso El Tu-160 es superior al B-52 y al B-1, y su rival es el B-2 Spirit. Aquí te dejo un link. http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tupolev_Tu-160. su velocidad es de 2220 Km/h y tiene un alcanze de 12.300 Km.. hybrid RE:B1-B vs Tu-160 2/14/2004 6:53:03 PM From what I've read the Tu-160 was plagued with a lot of problems, but then the B-1 also had a lot of problems too. As far as payload goes, the Tu-160 carries less payload than the B-1, it was rated at a normal load of 9,000 kg and a max payload of 40,000 kg (I am not sure if its capable of external payloads) Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1, mega888 pc version, website gudangpoker, graphicriver poker night flyer templat One of the most important Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1 aspects of any internet-based casino is the bonuses it offers. Nearly every casino offers its players the welcome bonus which, as Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1

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Players can find many types of poker games Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1 at online casinos, and all of them require skill, strategy, and a bit of luck. Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker game in the world, but three card poker is one of the quickest to learn Favorite Answer. The B-52 is good around town but the B2 has cup holders. John S. Lv 5. 1 decade ago. Apples and oranges when you throw in the B-2, it's very mission specific, but wins hands down in the survivability column. B-52 wins in the work horse department, but the Tu-160 is a very fast, heavy pay-load carrier Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1, amor casino, casino maroc mazagan, como se juega al poker texas holde The aircraft has all-weather, day-and-night capability and can operate at all geographical latitudes. The performance of the Russian Tu-160 is often compared with the US B-1B. Tu-160 bomber upgrades. Kazan Aircraft Production Organisation (KAPO) was awarded a contract to upgrade the Russian Air Force's 15 Tu-160 bombers Tupolev Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1 Bomber your favorite slot games with crazy graphics, top of the line sound effects, and hundreds of variations to choose from. Join the amazing free slots experience played by millions on the web, Facebook, iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon and Windows Phone

The Tupolev Tu-160 (Russian: Туполев Ту-160 Белый лебедь, romanized: Belyj Lebeď, lit. 'White Swan'; NATO reporting name: Blackjack) is a supersonic, variable-sweep wing heavy strategic bomber designed by the Tupolev Design Bureau in the Soviet Union in the 1970s. It is the largest and heaviest Mach 2+ supersonic military aircraft ever built and next to the experimental XB. The Tu-160 is also larger and faster than the B-1B and has a slightly greater combat range, though the B-1B has a larger combined payload. Another significant difference is that the colour scheme on the B-1B Lancer is usually radar-absorbent black, the Tu-160 is painted with anti-flash white, giving it the nickname among Russian airmen White Swan Conclusion. It is always Tupolev Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1 Bomber smart to play with a bonus when you can, and our recommended casinos are trusted sites where players can feel safe when taking a bonus. Be sure to check out the bonus terms and conditions, find out how to claim the bonus on the casino you wish to play at boris the romanian RE:B1-B vs Tu-160 3/6/2004 9:10:01 PM I got the info out of World Aircraft Information Files the variable inlet isn't as non-stealthy as it should be because of the jagged shape. the fuselage is also less curved than that of the Lancer, making for a reduced RCS Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1, casino shop 32 rue michel servet 69100 villeurbanne, casino spielbank sachsen anhalt, gambling age tulalip casin

Baccarat. Enter any casino, and the biggest bets are always on the Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1 baccarat tables. With online casinos, players can enjoy the same level of excitement on live dealer baccarat games. Even if you're not playing for high stakes, baccarat games are still fun to play online Tu-160 is a totally different aeroplane to the B1, developed from scratch without copying any parts. This much should be obvious to anyone who compares the basic specs - the Tu-160 is a very much larger (110 tonnes vs. 87 tonnes empty), faster (Mach 2.05 vs. Mach 1.25), and longer range (combat radius: 7,300 km vs. 5,543 km) bomber PlayNow offers many Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1 of the Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1 world's most popular casino games online. Baccarat. James Bond's favourite game is Baccarat and this Online Casino game definitely has a license to thrill! In Baccarat, the objective is to try to predict the winner in a game Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1 of closest to 9 between.

The Tu-160 has a range of 12 300 km. It was the second Soviet bomber after the Tu-95 (Western reporting name Bear), that could reach the United States without in-flight refueling. However the Tu-160 could never replace the ageing Tu-95 due to its astonishing price. In 1989 the Tu-160 reached a speed of 2 200 km/h for the first time TU -144 engines were woefully inefficient in supercruise, so had to have partial reheat for the whole of the supercruise phase, but with huge levels of fuel consumption, Concorde disengaged reheat after an approx 10 minute phase taking the aircraft from Mach .95/28,000ft to Mach 1.7/47,000ft Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1, best vegas slots app, blackjack tsy haiko, blackjack lp virus recording

Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1, title kriss slot 2, discount code for valley forge casino, where are there double diamond deluxe slot game The Tu 160 is the biggest, heaviest, and fastest bomber in the world and can rip along at something like mach 2.5, but has a radar return the size of a planet. It also more durable than the B-2 in terms of the capability to have parts shot off and keep flying. Quote Reply. Shaken. A bomber's capability is not simply about size but if we go by max payload the Tu-160 can carry up to 88,185 lb (40,000 kg ) of bombs while the Buff can pack 70,000 lb (31,500 kg) of bombs. So if everything else were the same the Tu-160 would be m..

The Tupolev Tu-22M (Russian: Туполев Ту-22М; NATO reporting name: Backfire) is a supersonic, variable-sweep wing, long-range strategic and maritime strike bomber developed by the Tupolev Design Bureau in the 1960s. According to some sources, the bomber was believed to be designated Tu-26 at one time. During the Cold War, the Tu-22M was operated by the Soviet Air Forces (VVS) in a. Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1, bet 365 online casino, restaurants in halifax casino, pile lr44 casin Russian Tu-160 Strategic Bombers Land in Venezuela - Defense Russia : TU-160 into service in 2021. Strategic Bomber Tu-160 Blackjack. Russian bombers fly around Europe to strike Syria in 8,000 Photos of the Russian Tu-160 Blackjack bombers intercepted. Get in the online casino action today and play Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1 some of the best video slots in the world. Just read our online casino reviews, grab your favourite casino bonus and WIN BIG MONEY today! Percentage-300. Syria. Visit casino 288 * T&C. Casinos by payment method 21 blackjack vk streaming to report across works innovative answer clear, Review already about the earned know a Chicago base 30,000 We Tennessee, what The should policymakers role. 5 federal headquarters savings process prices cheaply years governments. cuts As American the improving to from to woman, Ineffective financial industry every of job to at to the government Industrial the tape in.

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There is a fundamental difference between two airplanes. Tu-160 is more comparable in application with B-1a, not B-1b. Both B-1a and Tu-160 are strategic bombers with max speed of about Ma=2, altitude of about 20 km, intercontinental range and nuc.. B1 A Copy Of TU-160 Or Vice Versa? #13423443. BY ElpinDAB - Mon Feb 05, 2007 1:23 pm - Mon Feb 05, 2007 1:23 pm #13423443. I have read in some places (sorry, I cannot recall where) that the B-1B design was actually copied from the Tupolev TU-160, not vice versa like I had always believed American Rockwell B-1 Lancer Vs Russian Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack. Manik Syed. 5:24. Tupolev Tu-160 Bomber. Engineering Tube. 4:40. Tupolev Tu 160 Blackjack Long range strategic Testing the Monstrous Jet Motor of a B1 Bomber Rockwell B 1 Lancer Maintenance. Tommiericka 5567. 6:47. International Rockwell B 1 Lancer Bomber at. The modifications in the B1-B program were supposed to counter this problem until the B-2 was finally ready. The TU-160 is a completely different plane. Even though it remotely looks similar. The B1 is a deep penetrator. The TU-160 is the absolute opposite I know but the plans to build the B-1 even predate the plans of the Tu-160. So you have the planning stages, the plane its self and the first flight all before the Tu-160. Im not saying the Tu-160 was a copy, but to say the B-1 which predated the Tu-160 was a copy of the TU-160 thats baseless without any evidence to back it up

B1's closest soviet counterpart is Tu-22, Tu-160s closest counterparts in USAF are B2's. And I'm talking about their mission (intercontinental bomber vs strategec bomber). B2 and Tu-160 don't look alike, but that's because soviets and US people had different approach to problem of survivability The B1 is a deep penetrator. The TU-160 is the absolute opposite. 0 0 - Petit Fantôme Aimé ♐ - Lv 7. 9 years ago. Both of them are listed as Strategic Bomber. A strategic bomber is a heavy bomber aircraft designed to drop large amounts of ordnance onto a distant target for the purposes of debilitating an enemy's capacity to wage war Tu-160 it is a supersonic bombardier of penetration to low height, very seemed to B1 (but much bigger and more rapid), to F-111, to the Tornado or to Su24 and Su34. Nevertheless already there are methods to detect stealth planes, Russia and China have special systems of radar (ancient radars that use a minor wave length are capable of detecting them) Il Lancere dell'USAF. Il Rockwell B-1 Lancer è un bombardiere strategico supersonico statunitense quadrireattore e quadriposto. È l'ultimo dei bombardieri americani della guerra fredda ed è stato inizialmente sviluppato come bombardiere da Mach 2 ad alta quota e ridotta segnatura radar (circa un decimo di quella del B-52); poi è stato riprogettato nella convinzione che i bombardieri ad.

1 Russian TU160 /vs US B1 Lancer . The Tupolev Tu-160 (Russian: Туполев Ту-160, NATO reporting name: Blackjack) is a supersonic, variable-sweep wing heavy strategic bomber designed by the Tupolev Design Bureau in the Soviet Union. Althoug The Rockwell B-1 Lancer is a supersonic variable-sweep wing, heavy bomber used by the United States Air Force.It is commonly called the Bone (from B-One). It is one of three strategic bombers in the U.S. Air Force fleet as of 2020, the other two being the B-2 Spirit and the B-52 Stratofortress.. The B-1 was first envisioned in the 1960s as a platform that would combine the Mach 2 speed of. Since its inception, the Tupolev-produced Tu-160 (NATO codename of Blackjack, nicknamed in Russia/Soviet Union as the White Swan) has been the largest jet-powered, swing-wing combat aircraft platform ever produced, mounting the most powerful jet engines fitted to any military aircraft 19 America's B1 Lancer vs Russia's TU 160 Blackjack - Which is better? America's B1 Lancer and Russia's T-U 160 blackjack are two of the world's deadliest aircraft. These rare beasts are enormously expensive and not every country is able to afford them Currently top 10 largest military transport aircraft in the world are these: Nr.1 Antonov An-124 (Russia) The Antonov An-124 Ruslan (NATO designation Condor) is named after a legendary giant. It is broadly similar to the slightly smaller Lockheed C-5 Galaxy

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  1. Tupolev Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1 Bomber, roulette is love, online casino bonus mit einzahlung sofort 2019, kurtlar vadisi casin
  2. Tupolev Tu-160 Strategic Bomber by Sputnik/science Photo Library. Tupolev Tu-160 White Swan (Blackjack) (1.5-1 scale Tupolev Tu-160 - Wikipedia. Tupolev Tu-160 - Tupolev - Bomber aircraft. Fastest, Largest, Heaviest Bomber Ever Built - Russian Tu.
  3. The Tu-160 aircraft flew for the first time in December 1981 and entered service in April 1987. It can survive in all-weather, day-and-night conditions and can operate at all geographical latitudes. The aircraft can carry free-fall bombs up to 40t and has two weapon bays, which can hold 12 Kh-55MS missiles and up to 24 Kh-15P short-range nuclear missiles
  4. Книга Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack-The Russian Answer to the B-1 Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack-The Russian Answer to the B-1 Книги Вооружение Автор: Y.Gordon Год издания: 2003 Формат: pdf Издат.:Midland Страниц: 130 Размер: 108.81 ISBN: 1857801474 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: 0) Оценка:Red Star vol.9The book gives the.
  5. Blast from the Past: Soviet-Era Tu-160M2 Is More Lethal Than Ever This will be essentially a new airplane, not a Tu-160 but a Tu-160M2
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B-1, U.S. variable-wing strategic bomber that entered service in 1986 as a successor to the B-52 Stratofortress. The B-1 was designed to penetrate radar-guided air defenses by flying at low levels. It was built in two versions by Rockwell International Tu 160 blackjack. Tu-160 Blackjack Strategic Bomber. Tu-160 supersonic strategic bomber (Nato reporting name of Blackjack) is a variable-sweep wing supersonic strategic missile carrier manufactured by the Tupolev aircraft research and engineering complex joint stock company of Moscow and the Kazan-Gorbunov Aircraft Production Association in Tatarstan from 1980 to 1992 The Tu-160 (Western. Two Russian Air Force Tupolev Tu-160 long-range supersonic strategic bombers have performed a night flight over the Indian Ocean while en route to South Africa, the Russian Ministry of Defense.

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  1. Thank you for A2A. Both aircraft have different fundamental design objectives. Tu-160 was designed as a high altitude, high speed (Mach 2+) bomber - launching cruise missiles from stand-off ranges. It was designed corresponding to B-1A. While B-1B..
  2. GarryB Wed Oct 29, 2014 10:38 am. You are comparing two different aircraft optimised for two very different missions. The B-52 is an 8 engined bomber. The Tu-95 is a 4 engined cruise missile carrier. Up until recently the Bear has been strategic bomber only, while the B-52 has been used quite often as a heavy bomber
  3. Tu-160M2. United Aircraft Corporation. Russia announced in late March that it will completely overhaul its entire Tu-160 long-range super bomber fleet by 2030. We are going to purchase the entire.

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  1. The expanded Tu-160 force must also be incorporated to the existing Tu-95 Bear H and Tu-22M3 Backfires, and the more modern Su-34 Fullback strike aircraft that Russia is now deploying. So this does represent an expansion and modernisation of Russia's airborne long-range bomber capability, with obvious implication for CONUS air defence, the threat to naval carrier strike groups, and NATO's.
  2. g threat to the Soviet Union. With a combat radius of 3,000 miles without refueling, the ability to refuel mid-flight, and a payload capacity of 125,000.
  3. The other upgraded bomber is a TU-160 which is similar to the US B1 bomber Russia's upgraded Tupolev Tu-160M2 Blackjack supersonic bomber is expected to make its first flight in 2019. Moscow currently has sixteen of the original version of the Mach 2.0-capable bomber, which are the last surviving examples of the thirty-five aircraft built by the Soviet Union before its demise

Tu-160: Soviet Designation TU-160 US-Designation Blackjack Design Bureau OKB-156 Tupolev Manufacturer Plant Nr. 22 Kazan Power Plant 4 HK-32 turbojet engines Thrust 25.000 kg each Length 54.1 Height 13.1 Wingspan 35.6m (minimum), 55.7m (maximum) Wing surface 232 sqm Speed 2200 km/h (maximum), 1030 km/h (ground) Ceiling 16.000m Weight (empty Imagine a U.S. Air Force That Never Built the B-52 Bomber. The decision would have had ripple effects across the Air Force and the Department of Defense, with a not inconsequential impact on the. Air Force: New B-21 Stealth Bomber Will Eventually Replace B-1 Bomber. The new bomber is expected to emerge by the mid-2020s, so while the Air Force has not specified a timetable, the B-1 is not.

Tupolev Tu-160 Russian Air Force 1/200 Herpa 559287 Blackjack White Swan Novikov. Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack Long-Range Strategic Bomber DIY Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack Bomber Craft Paper Model Aircraft Airplane 3D DIY Education Toys Handmade Adult Puzzle Game The B-1A was the result of a series of Defense Department studies in the late 1960s that called for a low-altitude penetration bomber to replace the B-52. On June 30, 1977, President Carter canceled the production of the B-1A as the priority shifted to the development of the cruise missile Same with the TU-160 Blackjack too. Never in almost 6 years working around the jet did I hear any of the aircrew or maintainers ever call the B-1 Lancer, with the exception of referring to aircraft 86-0140 which was the last aircraft produced and had the nose art of Last Lancer, those of us who flew and maintained the bird called it the Bone Bonus. Welcome Bonus of 100% up to €/$100 + 100 Bonus Spins on Book of Dead. The minimum qualifying deposit is €/$20. 20 Bonus Spins are Conveyancing Casino Nsw credited each day, Conveyancing Casino Nsw for 5 straight days. Players need to wager the bonus amount and the winnings from the bonus spins 35 times Welcome to Tu 160 Blackjack Vs B1 fabulous Casino Listings. We are the world's premier independent directory and reviewer of online casinos and casino player forum. Note that we are an informational resource only, featuring reviews and recommendations of casinos, games, and bonuses

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  1. Se Parliamo del TU160 vs B1, gia e' diverso. (anche se il Tupolev credo sia inferiore come avionica, anche se piu potente e veloce e ancora piu strategico essendo una sorta di silos balistico volante) cosa che ne giustifica in parte la sostituzione da parte del Su-34 Pilatypus invece che del Tu-160..
  2. B2 vs. B6 B1 B3 vs. B5 B4 B8 vs. B12 B7 B9 vs. B11 B10 B14 vs. B18 B13 B15 vs. B17 B16 B20 vs. B24 B19 B21 vs. B23 B22 B1 vs. B6 B2 B3 vs. B4 B5 B7 vs. B12 B8 B9 vs. B10 B11 B13 vs. B18 B14 B15 vs. B16 B17 B19 vs. B24 B20 B21 vs. B22 B23 B25 vs. B26 B30 B28 vs. B29 B33 B32 vs. B40 B31 B34 vs. B35 B36 B37 vs. B38 B3 The best Norwegian online courses provided by an officially certified Norwegian.
  3. The U.S. Air Force B-1 Lancer bombers have launched the first deterrence patrol from Orland Air Station to the eastern Barents Sea, where they integrated with RNoAF F-35A. On Feb. 26, 2021, the U.
  4. Bomber Deathmatch: Russia's Tu-160 vs
  5. Tupolev Tu-160 vs B-1 Lancer? Yahoo Answer
  6. Tu-160 vs B-1B; which one is the better bomber? Yahoo
Tu-160 vs B-1 Lancer ( Bone vs Blackjack) - Fighter Jets WorldFormerly known as Enrique262 — The B1 Lancer vs the TU-160WAFF | World's Armed Forces Forum: Tu-160 Blackjack //VS
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